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Lampe à poser design et original en brique de verre. Eclairage coloré

Tiled glass block lamp


Lamp made from a glass block designed by the Spanish architect Rafael Moneo. The glass block is placed on a steel base which has a strip of light. The lamp is supplied with gelatin sheets allowing you to change the color of the lighting according to your tastes and desires. A source of light and an object of interior decoration, this lamp, made from an upcycled material, can be placed on a chest of drawers, on a table, on a nightstand or simply placed on the floor.

A regulator allows you to choose the light intensity. You can choose subdued lighting or brighter lighting.

The lamp is assembled in Lithuania? Each of its components is manufactured in the European Union and meets all current standards.

Creator: Ramunas

Glass, steel powder

Width: 19.5 cm / Height: 23 cm / Depth: 9.5 cm

Connection / connection


Cable length

Lunar source
Tridonic LED module,

650lm, 3000K

The lamp comes with 7 different color effect lighting filters, which allows the object to be adapted to various situations. These color filters are manufactured for professional film production, theater and event lighting, so the light in them is more natural and pleasant than that of colored LED strips.

Filter colors : dark pink / neon green / light pink / yellow / apricot / primary red / Tokyo blue

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