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Camaieu rainbow lamp

Camaieu rainbow lamp


This table lamp, totally in tune with the times, was born from the desire to pay homage to the history of design, and to the Memphis spirit. It is made up of a gradient of matt lacquered metal plates, between which LED strips with warm light are hidden. The back of the lamp has been designed to backlight part of the light, for example, on a wall. To blend in with different worlds, this lamp (a real light source) is available in four colorful options, with bold primary colors.

Consumption: 14w

Luminous flux: 1200 lumens

Color temperature: 2700k (warm)

Color rendering index > 90 Lifespan: 50,000 hours (approximately 19 years for use of 7 hours/day, and 365 days/year)

Materials: matt lacquered steel / LED

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