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Inclusion végétale de lagure ovale dans un cube en acrylique. Transparence et élégance. Décoration d'intérieur

Rabbit tail grass cube


The Oval Lagure (Lagurus ovatus), also called Gros-minet or Kitten or Hare's Tail or Rabbit's Tail or Doudou or Pinpin, is an annual herbaceous plant of the Poaceae family, subfamily of Pooideae, tribe Aveneae. It is quite common in Europe in coastal regions.

It is sometimes cultivated as an ornamental plant for its silky and decorative inflorescences, useful for making dry bouquets with the Dunes Immortelle.

It is the only species of the genus Lagurus.

Material: acrylic

Dimensions: H4 x L4 x D4 cm

Weight: 74g

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