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Stories of objects

Do you want to spruce up your interior and take care of your look with decorative objects and fashion accessories?


Are you looking for original and colorful products from french and foreign crafts?

It’s at Lambert du Décor that it’s happening!

And behind each product, there is a story: a young creator, a commitment, a manufacturing method...


Come and discover what is hidden...behind the scenes!


Storytiles -Marga_edited.jpg

Her message comes from the heart

Dutch designer

Ceramic tiles are an integral part of Dutch history. Originating in the Middle East, they reached the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century. The city of Delft became a major center for ceramics. Delft tiles are known for their narrative designs.

Introduced to the craft by her mother, Marga reinvents this Dutch ceramic tile art. Since 2013, her characters, landscapes, and colorful graphics, meticulously applied to her ceramic tiles, tell mini-stories.


They can be hung on the wall like a painting, integrated into a kitchen or bathroom design, or simply used as decorative objects or as coasters.

Everyone finds their own use; nobody is left without a tile!

Her bags are real rare pearls

pop art

Mix an elegant material like pearl with unique shapes and colors, and you will obtain the bags imagined and assembled by Mathilde that are unlike any other.


“Not here to string pearls”, this designer with a boundless imagination released her first models in 2019. Her refined design pieces combine quality and functionality: innovative handles, secure closures, careful finishes, integrated card holders. Fashion accessories made by hand with passion and attention to detail, the choice of local and made-to-order production to avoid relocation, pollution and waste.


Wearing a beaded bag means agreeing not to go unnoticed.

Gamayra - Mathilde_edited_edited.jpg
Kismas - Ramunas_edited.jpg

Lamps made of bricks (but not pitchers)

Lithuanian designer

Transforming a masonry element into a decorative accessory for the home is the successful challenge of Ramunas, a Lithuanian passionate about design and architecture.


In Kaunas, where he grew up, many buildings erected during the decades of the Cold War used glass block as a construction element: in almost all school gymnasiums and factory buildings, as well as on the staircases of apartment buildings of housing. The reason is simple: glass does not absorb humidity, it retains heat well while allowing enough light to pass through, a perfect solution to save space.

energy in the Soviet planned economy system.


The glass block transformed into a designer lamp, a brilliant idea!


His kawaii drawings are on display!

French designer

A pure product of the 80s/90s, Stéphane was lulled by Club Dorothée cartoons and more particularly by Dragon Ball Z, whose characters he spent his time drawing.

A graphic designer and illustrator by training, he began his career in a Parisian advertising agency but quickly realized that his destiny was not there.

In 2018, he left Paris for the south of France and decided to make a living from his passions: drawing and Japan.

His illustrations, imbued with Japanese culture, represent samurai warriors, sumo fighters, but also pandas, foxes and Shiba Inu. Without forgetting the essentials of Japanese gastronomy: ramen, sushi, yakitori...

Yeaaah Studio - Stéphane_edited.jpg
Kala Upcycling - Amalia.png

Illustrations to proudly display at home!

pop art illustration

It was on board the Kâla, a 10.5 meter sailboat which was her home and traveling workshop for 4 years that Amalia had the idea to embark on the adventure of creation.

Initially, this sea lover took up sewing to repair and maintain the sails of her boat. Then, by finding new materials in the ports, leftovers from the nautical industry, his inspiration awoke and the first creations saw the light of day: pouches, pencil cases, fanny packs, wallets, purses...products upcycled and weather-resistant.

Good sex Alia

Illustrations to proudly display at home!

original product

Simon is a talented illustrator who graduated from the 2016 class of the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine (ESAL). Comfortable on many media, including animated ones, his original graphic universe, between comics and illustration, and his ironic vision of the world have earned him numerous collaborations with the French press (Libération, Télérama) and foreign press (New York Times) and in children's edition.

His drawings, often colorful, sometimes quirky or absurd but undeniably funny, demonstrate a certain commitment tinged with caustic sarcasm.

Illustrations that will remain in poster-ity!


Her handbags all have a story !

interior design

Thanks to Ysatis, books find a second life. No longer hidden in dusty libraries, they gain visibility and become real fashion accessories in public spaces.

Diverting books into bags, not only is the idea interesting and eco-responsible, but the execution is careful. The covers are varnished twice, the linings are lined with scraps of fabric with floral or art deco patterns, the brass clasps are solid... And there is something for everyone: classics of French and foreign literature, novels , thrillers, biography and even comics.

Ysatis also works to order and manufactures fully personalized bags. So, are you booking one?

The very select artisans who decide who fits into the cube!

decorative poster

The cubes house carefully selected plants or seeds, beautifully preserved, as if suspended in the air, frozen in time. Varying in shape and color, these natural specimens come from the four corners of the globe. We observe them, we walk around them, we are sometimes surprised by them, as if in front of a plural and curious nature that presents itself to us.

Each cube is handcrafted by an experienced craftsman and requires time and precision.

Capturing a plant specimen in the center of the transparent resin cube – and ensuring no air bubbles enter – is a painstaking process. True Japanese know-how. Take some seed



Lambert du décor is part of an ethical approach by working with creators who respect environmental and human values

ecological awareness

Upcycling & slow fashion

Less but better: decorative objects and fashion accessories are made in small series, often from already existing materials with the aim of reworking them and giving them a second life.

ethical commitment

Sustainable & solidarity economy

A fair and equitable remuneration policy; the primacy of links in relation to goods, the development of local economies are the selection criteria for the creative partners of Lambert du décor


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